Welcome to the East County Integrated Transit Study round 2 online open house!

We’re working to improve transit in East County

Through the study, we hope to identify solutions for improving transit service between Brentwood and Antioch. This study is expected to take two years and is funded through a Caltrans grant.

Map of study area in Antioch Brentwood & Oakley including state route 4 park & rides existing & proposed transit stations bus routes & Tri Delta Transit service area
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Person sitting on a bench, facing web page text, gesturing, and discussing transit in East County

Study mission

Understanding our core goals

We want to provide as seamless as possible travel options for our residents, commuters and visitors – people like you. We want to come up with solutions that are sustainable, smart, user-friendly, and efficient.

Person sitting on a bench facing web page text, reading about transit in East County

Study goals

4 people using a wheelchair a bike & walking at transit station talking about time, modes, transfers & parking

Improve rider experience 

2 people talking about the benefits of transit represented by images of an electric bus, flowers, & crosswalk

Communicate the benefits of transit

A transit station with diverse communities, including wheelchair guide dog & bike users, many ages ancestry & genders

Respond to equitable access needs

A transit station with more and more people popping up, walking, rolling, working, shopping & living near the station

Support economic development

A transit connection map with Antioch eBART station future transit employment housing electric buses trains & people

Allow for future, innovative transit options

Benefits of active & public transit instead of only driving, such as air quality improvement, next to image of traffic & smog

Improve air quality

Draft alternatives

The draft alternatives are combinations of:

  • The type of transit (mode): bus rapid transit, commuter rail, or heavy rail*
  • The path/route: operating in the State Route 4 (SR-4) median, SR-4 auto lanes, or on local streets
  • Station access/connectivity: how transit will access the Antioch and future Innovation Center @ Brentwood stations

We assembled a set of six high capacity transit alternatives/options to compare the relative benefits and impacts between them to help us select a preferred option to consider for near-term implementation. We used a set of five fatal flaw factors to screen potential combinations of type of transit, route, and station access in the alternatives below. Fatal flaw factors considered in this study are:

  • Constructability, or how easy it is to build
  • Safety and security
  • How compatible it is with existing systems and operations
  • How cost effective it is
  • Potential conflicts with regulations of agencies that have jurisdiction

Check out each alternative below to learn more about them. Please also make sure to share your feedback about each one. These questions will only take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time to respond to as you read through.

*See definitions in the section below.

light rail train image
bus rapid transit image
heavy rail train

Which alternatives do you support?

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Evaluating the alternatives

Evaluation criteria

The East County Integrated Transit Study team has established six core goals for this project as described above. Each goal has individual evaluation criteria that, if achieved, help us accomplish our goals. Now that we have six possible alternatives for consideration, our next step is to use our 14 evaluation criteria to see which alternatives help us get closer to achieving our core goals. The next phase will compare relative benefits and tradeoffs between the alternatives using these considerations. Detailed design options will be refined and screened following evaluation.

The 14 evaluation criteria below are grouped by their associated study goals. Please share your thoughts on the importance of each of the evaluation criteria to you. These questions will only take about 15 to 20 minutes of your time to respond to as you read through.

View and or print the Evaluation Criteria PDF.

How important is each evaluation criteria to you?

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Milestones and Who’s Involved

Where we’re going

We started with a careful inventory of things like bus routes, BART connections and schedules, and facilities for people walking/rolling and biking. Now we are identifying gaps in service that we hope to fill. We will identify potential solutions based on those gaps and our desire to provide you with seamless and easy travel in East County.

Person walking with guide dog

Study Milestones



Discovery and Research




Draft Alternatives

Revised Alternatives




Alternative Analysis




Draft Study




Final Study

Round 1

What we’ve heard so far…

We have been busy the past few months reviewing feedback received during the Round 1 participate.online online open house, which ran from October 13, 2020 – February 15, 2021. We’re using this input to guide Round 2 of engagement. Nearly 90% of respondents indicated they live in East County. Visit the Round 1 website

We learned the following from East County residents like you about:

This feedback was used to influence elements of the alternatives, such as onboard transit and station amenities, and connectivity treatments. Check out the Round 1 Engagement Summary here for more details.

graphic of person entering a bus